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Executive Leadership

Dr. Matthew Miraglia

President & CEO

                       Dr. Matthew Miraglia is President of CLPS Consultancy Group, and Founder of TAP App Security, a cutting edge hazard and threat management crisis communications mobile application system.  He spent over 20 years in the protective services field.   He is a former U.S. Marine and retired Scarsdale Police Detective where he served as an intelligence officer on the New York State Counter Terrorism Task Force.  Dr. Miraglia is a nationally recognized scholar of security studies and has numerous publications in that concentration.  He holds a B.S. in Criminal Justice, M.S. in Organizational Leadership, M.B.A. in Management, Post-Master’s Certificate in National Security, and Doctor of Education in Executive Leadership. 

Dr. Gus Xhudo

V.P. of Security Services

     Prior to joining the executive team at CLPS, Dr. Gus Xhudo worked for the U.S. Department of State’s Diplomatic Security Services.  While with the State Department, he was responsible for conducting national security investigations and providing security for the U.S Secretary of State and foreign visiting Heads of State.  While assigned to the New York Field Office, Dr. Xhudo was a member of the FBI’s Joint-Terrorism Task Force (JTTF).  He also spent time abroad where he provided security at U.S. embassies in Africa and Portugal.  Dr. Xhudo holds a B.S. in Political Science, and an M.S. and PhD. in International Relations. 

George Toretta

V.P of Development

     Mr. George Toretta has more than 15 years of commercial experience in implementing and developing large scale enterprise business solutions.  He specializes in Web technologies including Javascript, AngularJs, ReactJS, NodeJs, C#, Ruby, SQL Server, MongoDB and using development methodologies of Agile and Continuous Deployment.  Prior to joining CLPS, Mr. Toretta worked as a Senior Software Engineering Manager at Gerson Lehrman Group.  He is a hands on leader who oversees a high-caliber engineering team.  Mr. Toretta holds a B.S. in Computer Science.

Jane Meunier

Director of Health

& Safety Services

Ms. Jane Meunier is the Director of Health & Safety Services at CLPS.  For the past 30 years she has worked for the County of Putnam, New York, in both Environmental Health and Nursing Services.  Ms. Meunier served her community of Dover Plains, NY, in various paid and voluntary roles.  This includes School Board Trustee, Town Council Board Member, President of CSEA Labor Union Local 840, Co-Chair of County Labor Management Committee, and the Volunteer Fire Department.  She is a highly respected Health and Safety Trainer with over three decades of practical emergency management experience.  Ms. Meunier specializes in risk assessment, root cause analysis, hazard mapping and mitigation, emergency planning, active shooter response, and stop the bleed, to name a few.  She completed Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Incident Command System certifications at the 100, 200, and 300 levels.  Ms. Meunier holds a B.S. in Behavioral Science: Community Health and Psychology.

Charles Boklan

V.P. of Training

     Mr. Charles Boklan has more than 30 years of combined federal, county, and local law enforcement experience.   Mr. Boklan served over 22 years as a Special Agent in the U.S. Secret Service, in various protective and supervisory assignments throughout the United States and abroad.  Much of his training and experience relates to threat assessment and management.  Mr. Boklan formerly served as Senior Vice President for Corporate Compliance and Security Management at Westchester Medical Center.  He is a sworn member of the Rockland County Sheriff’s Department Anti-Terrorism Analytical Group (ATAG).  Mr. Boklan holds a B.S. in Law Enforcement.

Paul Tobin

Director of Business Development

      Mr. Paul Tobin has more than 30 years of experience in the field of education and school safety.  His enthusiasm, communication skills, and overall knowledge of school administration and safety make him a great asset to CLPS.  Mr. Tobin has been a Principal at the Elementary, Middle, and Secondary school levels.  He also coached high school softball, football, and wrestling.  Mr. Tobin currently serves on The Millbrook Board of Education.  He completed Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Incident Command System certifications at the 100, 200, and 300 levels.  Mr. Tobin holds a B.A. in Advertising and Communication and Master of Education in School Administration.

Rick Francis

Director of School Safety

Mr. Rick Francis has over 20 years of combined military and law enforcement experience.  He began his law enforcement career with Florida Fish and Wildlife as a marine patrol officer in 2003 prior to joining the Seminole County Sheriff's Office in 2007.  Mr. Francis holds the Rank of Captain at the Sheriff’s Office, where he is in charge of the School Safety Division.  Prior to his law enforcement career, he served in the United States Navy as a combat medic for four years then served in the United States Army Reserve for two years as a flight medic.  Mr. Francis also teaches as an adjunct professor of Homeland Security at Mercy College.  He attended the Southern Police Institute Command Officer Development Course in 2014 and sits on the School Health Advisory Board, Youth Commission, Positive Behavior Pathways Committee, and the Domestic Security Task Force.  Mr. Francis holds a B.S. and M.S. in Criminal Justice Administration. 

Kenneth Cowart

Senior Security Specialist

Mr. Kenneth Cowart is a Senior Security Specialist at CLPS.  He has over 15 years of experience in protective services. Mr. Cowart is a former U.S. Marine having served in a combat infantry unit while on deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq.   After serving honorably in the U.S. Marines, he worked for Gavin Debecker & Associates, where he provided security and logistical support for public figures, prominent families, and government officials.  As a special deputized U.S. Marshal, Mr. Cowart provided protection for the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund and coordinated security advancements and threat assessments with government entities and local law enforcement agencies in over 50 countries. He holds a B.S. in Corporate and Homeland Security and M.P.A. in Emergency and Disaster Management.

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